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1001 FOODS. The greatest gastronomic sensations on earth

With notes on everything mouthwatering from absinthe to zarzuela, the bill of fare is enticing and flavourful.

This compendium of delicious foods offers a new standard of required reading for gastronomes in pursuit of their next great taste experience. 1001 Foods
The Greatest Gastronomic Sensations on Earth is a handbook of exquisite dishes, rare ingredients, sumptuous feasts, authentic home cooking, and the finest recipes that world cuisine has to offer.
In short, this is a list of the most sensational flavours to be experienced in a lifetime.
Take a food lovers' tour of the street foods of Indonesia, the fish soups of France, the Asian spice trail, and hundreds of other exotic and tasty destinations.
Descriptions of each food provide fascinating details about provenance and history, tips on buying ingredients, and advice on the very best preparations.
Hundreds of original colour photographs will whet appetites for foods as simply perfect as a pomegranate and as complex and rich as Eight-Treasure Duck.
Featuring recipes by some of the best-known and trusted cooks anywhere, 1001 Foods The Greatest Gastronomic Sensations on Earth brings perspectives as varied as Nigella Lawson's and Heston Blumenthal's to the table.
Home cooks will learn about new foods by cooking from more than 250 expert blueprints for delectable results.

ISBN: 9781862057852
Išleidimo metai: 2007
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