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Aromatherapy: Essential oils in colour

A wonderful little book showing pie charts of chemical components for the most common oils, great for visual learners and a good book to have on the go and a quick and easy reference!

Rosemary Caddy graduated from London University with a BSc Honours Degree in Science. As a Principal Lecturer in Educational Research at Nottingham University she is the author of a range of educational materials for students of many disciplines. All the materials emphasize visual presentation to enable students to see, analyze and understand the world around them.

Rosemary is now a qualified clinical aromatherapist running her own clinic and carrying out a programme of research on the chemistry of essential oils. She runs lecture courses for aromatherapy students to help them understand and visualize their essential oils. The Caddy Classic Profiles, developed as a result of her research, enables students to enjoy the chemistry of their oils.

ISBN: 1899308148
Išleidimo metai: 2013
Puslapiai: 88
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