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Mindful hypnobirthing

Many women are fearful of birth, having been influenced by TV shows and films presenting labor as painful and alarming. However, birth does not have to be this way. The Mindful Hypnobirthing Method will show you how to reduce pain, feel calm, and enjoy the most extraordinary experience of your life. This book takes a refreshingly positive approach to birth, helping mothers-to-be look forward to the experience with excitement rather than apprehension. Written by a clinical hypnotherapist and doula, this guide provides practical and reassuring mindfulness techniques to practice throughout pregnancy and labor to ensure you remain relaxed, confident, focused, and in control. There are also downloadable hypnosis and relaxation tracks for you to use and enjoy. With advice from nurses and midwives as well as hypnotherapists and psychologists, this book will answer all your questions, explain your options, and teach you to trust your body so you can have the birth that you want.

ISBN: 9780091954598
Išleidimo metai: 2014
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